Support for PFE Inspectors

Support for PFE Inspectors

The key documents to support the work of inspectors are available through inspectors’ individual login accounts on the ISI portal. All inspectors receive copies of ISI Bulletins which include important messages about inspection matters.

Help from the ISI office is always at hand for inspectors. There will always be someone available to deal with inspection enquiries. Any questions that are general in nature and not time sensitive can be emailed to

Lead Inspectors are encouraged to be in touch if they need guidance during an inspection. They are advised to call 02077109908 in the first instance. 


Support for inspectors is at the heart of ISI’s Quality Assurance procedures. ISI’s Quality Assurance Team consists of senior ISI staff and experienced Lead Inspectors. Feedback on the performance of inspectors is received in various forms: all Team Inspectors complete an evaluation of the inspection, as do Lead Inspectors and colleges. Lead Inspectors complete appraisals on the performance of all members of the inspection team. ISI undertakes its own monitoring of a sample of inspections. 

All the material generated by these QA processes is carefully scrutinised. Where data indicates that inspector performance is an issue, this is always acted on – and evaluations or responses raising concerns are always responded to. 

The QA Team will recommend to the Chief Inspector a range of appropriate action, including focused monitoring or developmental mentoring for individuals, training for individuals or groups of inspectors and, where appropriate and especially in cases where the Code of Conduct has been breached, removal from the list of inspectors.