About PFE Reports

About PFE Reports

Inspection reports provide objective and reliable accounts of the standards of provision within a college and its compliance with the Educational Oversight Standards. Reports are intended to help colleges recognise and build on their strengths and remedy any weaknesses. 

A written report is sent to the college no more than three weeks after the inspection for a factual accuracy check. Within six weeks of the inspection it will be published on the ISI website. The Home Office will review this report when considering decisions regarding licensing. ISI has no role in Home Office decisions about licensing of Tier 4 sponsors.

Reports of both Follow-up and Monitoring Visits will be published alongside the full inspection report on ISI's website. Reports are also submitted to the Home Office.

See Find a Report to search for the latest report for a particular college or English language school.

To find out more about the content of a PFE report, see Understanding PFE Reports.