Your Role in the EO Process

Your Role in the EO Process

How do principals and proprietors contribute to the inspection process?

Principals and proprietors have overall responsibility for meeting and maintaining the Educational Oversight Standards required by the Home Office for sponsorship of students on Student visas.

Principals and proprietors (or the governing board, where appropriate) have responsibility for:

  • providing effective oversight of the college in line with its aims, and fully discharging their responsibilities for educational standards, financial planning and investment in staff, accommodation and resources
  • having a good insight into the working of the college and engaging in its strategic development. Exercising their monitoring role to provide support, challenge and stimulus for growth and improvement
  • discharging their responsibilities for safeguarding and welfare, and for health and safety, throughout the college
  • ensuring that the college has appropriate legal permissions from all relevant bodies (including lease, planning, copyright, examinations)
  • fulfilling their statutory duties for students under 18 and vulnerable adults (where applicable)

Inspectors gather evidence for each of these criteria from a variety of documentary sources, but also through the invaluable discussions they hold with principals and proprietors.